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Natural Awakenings NYC & Long Island

In This Issue: February 2024

I can't believe our two boys just ended their winter break from college. It's the first time they shared the same time off in two years. Talk about having a full heart! It's like having an early Valentine's gift. Nothing means more to me than having our house packed, hearing their footsteps and laughter, and feeling their day-to-day presence. It's like riding a bike when the kids come home; the routines start right back up where they left off, and it's as though they never left in the first place.

Each morning started with a hot breakfast, made from scratch, anything their heart desired—even if they didn’t want the same food. It's a joy to cook for our boys and see their custom-made meals well received. Nothing beats Mom's cooking when you’ve been relying on dining halls and cooking for yourself for months! Watching these two young men navigate through college and then come home makes me appreciate where it all started. Two little boys doing their thing are now two adults who relish reverting to when life was simple and easy. I remember feeling as they did when I returned home to visit my parents, and I am sensing the same from the boys. I now understand even more the joy my parents felt when, at last, I arrived. It's like my heart wants to burst from my chest, confirming that all is right in the world. My quad is together under one roof—as it should be!

Love shows itself in many ways, like sitting together in the living room, lively or low-key conversations, going for a drive, sharing meals, and silently watching them interact. The love I received during their break was the appreciation of that cooking, the beautiful hugs I got in passing, and the occasional unsolicited kiss on the cheek. What used to be a constant in their lives is now something they look forward to during their visits. What was a constant in mine comes back to life the second they walk through the door with that first, "Hey Mom, I'm home!"  The way we love may have changed, but the depth in which we do so has not, and I will hold onto that for the rest of my life. 

Happy Heart and Love Month to all!