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Natural Awakenings NYC & Long Island

In This Issue: December 2022

Lifting Each Other Up

It’s here—December. At every turn, holiday decorations and uplifting music tell us it’s the season of joy and celebration. But for some, its an unbearably challenging time of the year. How can we be sensitive to our fellow kind without losing our own sense of enjoyment and delight?

In the embodiment of giving, some choose to volunteer at various shelters to serve holiday meals to those in need or adopt a family to shower gifts upon. Others visit a senior center with a therapy animal or donate to a food bank—all ways to demonstrate the human force generated by an open heart. 

Yet, there are others with plenty of food in the cupboards and wanting for nothing who have a different kind of need this time of year when memories come flooding in, reminding them of the heart-breaking loss of a loved one. What can we give them to help fill the void? We can be present, approachable and ready to lend an ear, a shoulder, or, most of all—our time. If they accept, find the time to be with this person to lend emotional support. Let them grieve in front of you, and if you have had a similar loss, commiserate together in twofold support. 

Most importantly, don’t let this person be alone. The holidays can be so isolating that the echo of silence consumes and depletes the life force from our veins. Arrange a flexible time to carve out time in your day to focus solely on this person, showing them how much they matter. Slow down the pace of the holiday rush by connecting personally and find out what is needed most to help get through the holiday hubbub, together. 

Apart from experiencing our losses this year, Michael and I know many others who have lost loved ones. If being together physically isn’t possible, set up a Zoom, have a drink in hand and play music in the background. Talk about lost loved ones and honor their memory with a toast. Be reminded that, if they were still here, they would want us to love one another, cherish our time together and keep living every day like it’s our last. 

From our house to yours, may you find peace around every corner, love for friends and family, and exhilaration in every breath you take as you wake up to a new day.

Merry Everything!