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In This Issue: November 2023

I love how this issue is jam-packed with so many amazing articles on a variety of thought-provoking topics including eco-friendly gyms, the many joys of minimalism, keeping sneakers out of landfills, responsible pet adoption, the art of non-doing, networking for holistic practitioners, natural strategies to breathe easier, helping kids make conscientious choices, and hosting a plant forward holiday party. I decided to touch on my favorite three.

Find your Joy of Minimalism like I did. Start with clothes and watch how addictive it is to keep on purging. With the boys both in college, I find myself assessing the "stuff" we have amassed over the years, and it's a lot. But what do we need to function in our day-to-day lives? Honestly, not much. If you look in your closet and drawers, how many clothes do you wear? What about your kitchen cabinets? Why save those last two mugs that are the sole survivors of the original set of eight? Check out your home desk. Do you need those files of bills from 10 years ago? And if my boys didn't take certain clothes to college, they sure won't miss them when they come home. Tackle that house and see how satisfying it can be!

Lung Maintenance is an interesting topic, especially since I thought I was impervious to COVID-19 and must have had the world's most robust lungs; then, I got it for the first time. I immediately tuned in on my breathing and was very aware of how taking deep, long breaths felt and how important it was to get outdoors and inhale cool, crisp air that I visualized would whoosh in and clear away the cough I had developed. Now that I have recovered, I open the windows more and let the fresh air in and the germs out. 

The upcoming holiday traditionally centers around the good old turkey bird, but where are my vegetable-loving pals? If you lean toward a plant-powered diet, be sure to check out Plant Forward Holiday which lays out many delicious alternatives to the classics. You may be pleasantly surprised by how good these variations taste. It's easy to dress up your Thanksgiving table with the same festive feel and tastes you have grown accustomed to. As long as you’re surrounded by those you love it won't matter what's on the menu! 

Cheers, and Happy Harvest!

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