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Natural Awakenings NYC & Long Island

In This Issue: June 2024

“Your health is your wealth” is one of the many quotes that my uncle imparted to me before he passed away. He was a man who was as healthy as can be until he wasn’t in his mid-80s. Coming from a different era when foods were less processed, and each meal was an event, I rarely saw him eating something unhealthy, aside from a couple of candies secretly stored in his pocket. He remained active by walking and kept his brain strong by playing music on the piano, from memory, and performing in front of seniors where he lived. 

Nowadays, being active is more prevalent since there are so many ways to exercise, from at-home gyms and online workouts to the traditional gym and the easiest and most cost-effective way to take it outside. Keeping the body moving in some shape or form is crucial to longevity and good health. So, there’s no excuse at any age to be stagnant.

With this issue celebrating men, I think of the three I have at home—four if you count our dog! Men’s health needs are different from women’s and just as important to keep in the forefront. But in my experience, there are two types of men: the proactive and the “I'm fine” guys. Michael and our youngest lean more towards the latter; I have to nudge, push and annoy them to get things checked out. Whereas our older son is proactive, almost over-the-top in his health approach. He gets that from me.  From my perspective, it’s always better to get it checked or looked at sooner rather than later, stay on top of things that don’t seem right, and listen to your body. 

Michael’s father embodies a bit of both traits. At 87 years old, he has become more conscious of his health and is now quicker to call the doctor than he used to be. This reminds me of how my own father was as he aged. So, why does it take you men so long to prioritize your health?

If there’s one piece of wisdom to take from this issue, it’s to get your prostate checked if it’s time. There’s no need to suffer; you deserve to feel good and live a long, healthy life, just as your family would want you to.

Happy Father’s Day to all!