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Natural Awakenings NYC & Long Island

In This Issue: September 2021

Celebrating Crossovers

It’s September already? What has felt like the longest year ever has now revved up into overdrive, and here we are, almost at the end of 2021. Autumn officially begins on Wednesday, September 22, one day after our 24th wedding anniversary. We chose this month because it reminded us of the beauty of the Northeast, even though we married out West. It was still fall to us, no matter which coast we were on.

We have always loved celebrating special events as a family and being together at home for as many of these celebrations as we can. With our oldest now in college, that will get harder to do unless we have a Zoom session. As Bob Dylan sang, “The times they are a-changin’.”

Because there’s no more vibrant change than the crossover from summer to winter, the seasonal transition befits what’s happening right here in our home. Just as we’ve gone from a household of four down to three (unless we’re counting the dog), the leaves will soon start flying off their branches and the air will turn from muggy to invigorating. Our youngest has gone from being driven to being the driver, my grocery list is shorter with one less mouth to feed, Michael won’t be interrupted anymore with requests to “throw a ball,” and the dog, well, he’s just confused about what’s missing.

What can we all throw ourselves into during this seasonal change? Creativity. With the abundance of color outside, why not try your hand at painting? Or walk by a riverbed with your camera and see what magic you can find. Put your hands in clay and be one with nature. Grab a stash of leaves and make a collage. Creativity lends itself to healing, as our article “Art’s Embrace” conveys. In fact, you don’t have to be the “creator” to appreciate the benefits of creativity. Art in any setting can uplift.

I went to a local coffee shop and saw a beautiful pencil portrait of the owner. It was so well done I had to ask who the artist was. The owner did not know the person’s name, as it was a gift, but he knew the back story: The artist was a paraplegic who had turned to drawing for survival. He’d been injured in a riding accident, and this is what helped him keep going. I was so moved by this.

What creative juices can you tap into? Are you at a crossover point in your life and aren’t sure how to fill a void? What celebrations can you continue, whether it’s together or from afar?

Before the Halloween candy is on display and you start writing out your Thanksgiving menu, use this month of September to reflect and propel you forward.