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In This Issue: May 2022

May is the month dedicated to mothers.

My mom is 93, and I attribute her longevity to lots of vitamins and an upbeat attitude.  

When I was little, I used to watch Mom take a vitamin cocktail every morning. She also walked a lot and would take me with her, reminding me to breathe in the fresh air and notice the natural beauty of the outdoors. She moisturized constantly and drank lots of herbal teas. She never smoked or drank alcohol. Her meals were well thought out and balanced; nothing was processed and everything had color. She always slept a full eight hours, and she maintained a healthy weight, even going to the gym when she was able.

The best advice in women’s wellness is not much different from what my mom has done for decades. (I’ve tried to emulate many of her habits—but it’s not always easy to keep my hand out of the snack bag.) Still, over the past three years, Mom has developed acute dementia. Watching her struggle, I’ve often wondered, Could she have done more to stave off this disease, when it seems she did everything right?

I’ve decided that none of us can predict the future, or what our personal genetics will ultimately do—so why not do our best by nourishing ourselves with goodness and treating life like a gift, just as Mom did.

Every issue of Natural Awakenings is designed to support you on that journey. We also try to let you know about upcoming events that will support you too. That’s why we’ve devoted a six-page section of this month’s magazine to the NewLife Expo, happening June 4-5 in Long Island. Entrepreneur Mark Becker launched it 35 years ago, and now it’s the longest-running “mind-body-spirit-wellness” event in the United States. But it’s never been held in Long Island until this year, when Mark decided to take it there by popular demand. (Read all about it starting on page 10.) It offers something for everyone, but I think of it as another opportunity to follow Mom’s lead on doing life right. Whether you’re looking for anti-aging products or want to heal your body from within, don’t miss the NewLife Expo. You’ll find help on your journey to a long, healthy life, and you might just find your inner goddess too.

Happy Mother’s Day! 



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