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Natural Awakenings NYC & Long Island

In This Issue: January 2023

A new year, a new you; we’ve heard this adage year after year along with a multitude of other resolutions, many of which don’t stick. Rather than the same old same old, why not approach the word “new” in a different light?

NEW (adjective)1. Having recently come into existence. 2. Having been seen, used, or known for a short period 3. Something unfamiliar. 

Putting more emphasis on the word’s meaning brings about a different perspective. New restaurants to try, new places to travel, new recipes to cook and new friends to meet. It becomes an unfamiliar face at a party that we strike up a conversation with; or it’s finally rolling up our sleeves to try that long-desired recipe to see if it’s any good.

Even if we have experienced something before and find ourselves doing it again—like sending off a child to college (as we will be doing)—the nuances will be different. New feelings or emotions may get triggered. In that moment, take in how the body and mind adapt and accept that we are again creating new memories. 

Every day brings newness; we simply need to look for it. When we attend to noticing what’s around us more, we come to discover newness in things we take for granted or don’t categorize as different or special. This new perspective on “new” might be the one resolution needed to invite the goodness we deserve into our lives and the answer to realizing our dreams and desires in the coming year. 

May your first step into 2023 bring a bounty of new moments!

Cyrece and Michael